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Inspire2 Signal Loss

Jonathan Atkin

Active Member
Jan 12, 2019
During the past year I've had a tussle with DJI repair/service. Repeatedly with Inspire2 and dJI Go4App on Crystal Sky (Android) with Cendence, I regularly get a red signal loss message for perhaps 2-3 milleseconds, intermittently when I push the still photo shutter button on the Cendence. Today I spent hours with doing 12 different tests in every possible iteration using Cendence & CS without the male Type C connection, Using original equipment RC linked to Inspire, with Crystal Sky, swapping out another CS and finally with Iphone and Go4APP. I've determined the Android version of DJI G04 app is no longer reliable. It has not been updated for many years. The IOS version from my Iphone experienced NO signal Loss. In fairness, I have NOT experienced signal loss with CS and Mavic 2. So I think it is a firmware issue linking Inspire2 with a non updated android DJI Go4 Ap that DJI steadfastly has not updated. While the signal loss is momentary, no idea from where the loss emanates. Could it become a longer duration & bring me down? DJI has had my drown for 2 visits without a solution. Charged $500+ for a controller board inside the Inspire2 but did not make a difference. Considering switching to LITCHEE if I can't get DJI to have a solution. (PS: My test included 50 shutter actuations for each of the 12 varying combinations.) All combinations except for IOS Iphone produced intermittent signal loss.
Maybe the Inspire needs a new board? I have only flown an Inspire 2 with the iOs version on an iPad with a standard controller master/slave setup. I have nit had this problem, but on my first Inspire 2 I had issues with the x4s camera connecting. After some non-scientific observations, I am fairly certain there was a bad board in the drone. Next Inspire 2 had no issues with the same camera.
Maybe try your Cendence with a different Inspire 2?
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