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Internal Ribbon Torn - Visual System Failure


Jan 25, 2018
I have an issue with my Mavic Pro where the vision system is not working (says front left/right and infrared sensor not working). I disassembled it and found the left rear (looking at the drone from the rear and facing away from you) ribbon cable torn. I ordered replacement cables and would like input on how to replace this cable. The vision sensors themselves are fine, but the cable on this left one is torn and no videos on YouTube show this repair. The only repairs I'm seeing are for the camera / gimbal cable.

Hopefully Sir Thunderdrones can comment...I could not send a private message to anyone.

Thanks. 618382019.jpeg
After visual inspection, it appears that the ribbon can simply be unplugged here and then unplugged from the underside of the drone (after disassembling the bottom half) and plug the new one in. If anyone would like to add their knowledge regarding this part, please do so. I am pretty sure this has to do with the vision system because it's torn and that's the only thing wrong with the drone.
Welcome to the forum and we shall summon @Thunderdrones to tell you what you need to know.
Good luck. .
Welcome to the forum and we shall summon @Thunderdrones to tell you what you need to know.
Good luck. .
Thanks. I was hoping for Thunder Drones to stop by! He's so knowledgeable and has helped me a good amount just from browsing this forum and reading his replies to other users with issues.
I found a website selling these cables and the underside is labeled "gimbal" in the photos so I still cannot determine whether this ribbon cable has to do with the vision system.
Just to update for anyone having this issue: the cable indeed does transfer data to the vision system (not just the gimbal as it is labeled). It is a little more involved than it seems. The power plug unit (where battery connects) needs removed via 4 Phillips screws, one on each corner. To pull it out fully, you have to desolder the two large power wires and the two small white and black wires to the right of the large power wires. Then it can be pull out quite a bit further, with a few wires still connected, but enough room to replace the ribbon cables.
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