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Just got a replacement drone and I can't connect it


Sep 15, 2022
Worcester, UK

I recently crashed my Mini 2 and sent it off to DJI in the Netherlands to have it repaired. They then sent me a brand new one (I think it's brand new rather than refurbished, as it came in a vacuum sealed box and the drone had lots of stickers on it). I tried to connect it up, but this is when I ran into problems.

When I started up the Fly app and touched 'connection guide' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, I got this message:

"Enable location services and app permissions and app permissions to allow your mobile device to determine your location", and a button marked "Go to Settings". I clicked on that and it took me to the settings for the Fly app, but all the permissions were already selected. I tried unselecting and then reselecting them, but that didn't work. Then I uninstalled the app and downloaded an APK from DJI and installed that version of the app. But I just keep getting that message. It happens when the controller is connected to the mobile device and also when it isn't. Any suggestions as to what's happening here? The mobile device I'm using is a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. Thanks.
@AntoineD ,before the drone can be used you need to Pair it with the controller ,follow the instructions in the Manual ,that can be found on the DJI site, under downloads for your drone model
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With regards to re-installing the app try this
1) uninstal the app
2) connect the phone or tablet to a computer
the following assumes a window computer
3) navigate to either
a) Computer/phone's_name/Phone/Android/data/dji.go.v5/files
b) Computer/phone's_name/Phone/DJI/dji.go.v5
4) if you want to keep your flight logs, copy or move the FLightRecord folder to your computer.
5) in the respective PATHs go to "files" & "DJI" and remove/delete both "dji.go.v5" folders.
6) go back up the PATH to "Phone" and do a search for "dji.go.v5"
I think you should find nothing.
7) reinstal the App.

If that doesn't work try another phone.

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