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litchi bricked?


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Nov 1, 2017
i am hoping there are some litchi gurus,,, or perhaps an actual litchi rep on here that can help. i like the app much better then go4,,, but. well here is the email i attempted to send litchi. i say attempted because there is no contact email for them listed on their site that i can find,,, so i got these emails from the forum. [email protected] and [email protected] so here is verbatim the email i think i just sent

not encouraging i had to go to the dji forums to get your contact email. i hope one of these is it! so i have litchi on a samsung s-2 tablet and have been using it since,,,January? the problem i have is litchi bricking the program when i am in remote locations with no internet( in alaska 6 x now). yes i paid for it. when this happens the only recourse i have is to drive to someplace with internet and reinstall the program or update it. today i was up on top of a mountain it took me a hour to get up. i started flying then lost connection and when i restarted the tablet litchi decided it had to update or verify i paid for it when i tried to reconnect. so it worked to get me flying then failed when i lost connection and tried to reconnect,,, and bricked the program. last time i think i updated the tablet and had to reinstall the litchi program to get it to work. at least then it had a reasonable excuse for it to stop working. for it to fly(in a remote location)then middle of the flight decide i have to update or verify right now,, and the program is bricked ,,,,,,, is bad. i am trying to be nice about this and not let the regular crap i have to go through to get his thing to work get added on here,, and i do like the program much better then go. but there has to be a way to get it to recognize i paid for the dang thing and stop this. getting a mavic to fly is annoying enough with out this being added on top. the main thing i use the bird for is remote alaskan locations,,, most of the time i will not be able to just go get internet to get it to work again.please tell me there is a fix for this. looking forward to your reply!

billy donley

ps i am not on face book and have no intention of getting on it.

if any one has all ready solved this ,,, or has a better way to contact litchi ( that does not involve facebook) please chime in!
i just checked and both the email addresses i have are not good. any one know how to contact litchi? what a great way to exceed at customer care! complaints,,, what complaints?
The quickest way is through their facebook page, unfortunately. I don't use facebook either.
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