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Litchi - why?


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Jan 2, 2017
I've always just used the DJI Go App, and it seems now there aren't many functional differences (or are there?)

Litchi still seems way ahead in terms of waypoints, which doesn't really interest me much (or I don't realize the power they provide!) but are there other reasons Litchi would be a good choice OVER the dji app?

Have the new mavic2 and realize it's not fully fully supported yet, but also worry about 3rd party app which could have issues, crashes, cause the drone to act erratically or whatever (even though I know the main app is far from perfect)
Well for one point go4 will suck the brains out of my Android tablet but litchi works fine smooth and real time.
Never had a problem with litchi or go4 well not sure about go4 because it may take a week or two for go4 to unfreeze my tablet screen.
Honestly litchi works just fine for me go4 is OK but I am running .16 . Prior to that higher versions of go4 just were not cutting it.
Get litchi use it marginally untill you get confident with it and fly on.
I use Litchi solely for the follow mode- it follows the controller's GPS location instead of visually (like in ActiveTrack) - It is similar to the GPS based "Follow Me" mode in DJI Go, but has many more settings and features....more here: Active Track - Can I move drone during?
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Nothing out there comes close to waypoint usage offered by litchi. I fly my Mavic 99% waypoints to get exacting video of my flight path, objects of interest and basically hand's free operation. If DJI had an easy to use waypoint app that you could also program on a pc, I'd be all over it. Nothing beats waypoint flying as far as I'm concerned but if you're too worried about using a 3rd party app then that's your right to not do so.
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