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Air 2 Looking forward to spring! And much more Green! Long Island from Spring 2021.

Thanks for the videos.

Long Island is an interesting place to explore. Most think of all the brake light on the L.I.E and traffic. Amazing how many family owned vineyards you see on the journey east. The further east you go east it becomes more and more relaxed and country. As a manned pilot I had an overnight charter flight into Francis S. Gabreski Airport (Westhampton - KFOK). I had time to spend so I took a ride up to Montauk on the far south east of the island. Then drove up to Orient Point on the North Fork where you were. It was just in time for sunset and to watch the Ferry that heads to CT. I love the sign that says "Road End in 500 feet' YA it does unless you car floats well.
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