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Lost it...@ 1500'


Nov 24, 2017
Olympia, WA
Was out in BFE flying at the highest altitude I ever have, just an up and down to see what was around. At max altitude went to change a photo setting and hit the last app hidden button on my phone, S8+. When I returned to DJI app it showed a "lost connection". Pure panic for 2 minutes, controller showed it holding, not going anywhere though. Ultimately hit RTH and it descended.

Anything I should or could have done differently?
You can restart the app first, if that doesn't do anything you could restart the controller. Keep in mind it will initiate RTH if it loses connection with the controller for more than 3 seconds, I believe it is. I have had to restart my controller once when my drone was pretty far out. It was a little scary, but it reconnected pretty quickly after the controller restart. I was able to retake control of the mavic after that. These are computers and sometimes things go wrong and they need a restart.
Well if I lost connection through the app I would look at the controller and check the telemetry. Height and distance indicators being key. As long as I had a connection I would bring it back manually. The very first thing I would do is bring it down to a safe altitude. If I had telemetry I would then fly it home manually until I could locate it in the air. After I had it in sight and close I would try to reconnect. TBH I have never had a disconnect with the MP where I didn't know exactly where it was.

The other option would be to bring it down to a safe altitude and press RTH to get it coming directly home.. as soon as I observed that it was moving toward me cancel RTH and bring it back. Again once I located it overhead then I would reconnect.
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