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Lost Signal RTH

Walleye Hunter

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Jan 28, 2023
I searched and did not find this issue discussed so please forgive me if it's searcher's error.

New to drones altogether and flying an Air 2S I am testing its functions. I tried a lost signal test close to launch point with an obstacle in between and drone at about 10' off the ground. The drone goes home at current altitude and if it encounters an obstacle, it just stops and hovers. I have 'bypass' selected on the controller. I also found that it will just go home at current altitude if I hit RTH in close proximity to the launch point. If the drone was farther from launch point, would it climb to RTH height?
@Walleye Hunter have you gone on the DJI site and there you will find a PDF that you can view the manual for your drone go into the downloads section ,it explains all the various RTH options the safest way to test a lost signal between the RC and drone is to find an open space fly out about 150ft and then turn of the controller and you will see the drone return
New to drones

Dont worry we all were once, but as advised, with something as complicated as these can be it may be best to read the manual or watch youtube videos on the subject.
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I downloaded the manual and will read up, thanks for the help!
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I did read the manual and didn't see anything on RTH with signal loss at low altitude and an obstruction. So, if it's there I missed it.
Read it again, it's there. Read the WHOLE section and the warning/important section.
Done and my interpretation is that is should ascend and climb over the obstruction but mine is not doing that, it stops and hovers. Now, this is at close distance. I'll try from farther out and see what it does, this obstruction is about 10' from my landing pad.

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