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Mini 4 Low and high clouds heavenly combination Hiperlaps (watch to the end)

Very interesting! I don’t speak the language and your alphabet doesn’t help. Sorry for my ignorance.

Where in Europe were you flying and what was the date?
All my clips have a map in the YouTube description ;) But I am in Bulgaria and this one in Vitosha mountain near Sofia - the city I live in ;) and the clip was shot yesterday ;)
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Thanks! I’ve just Googled Vitosha Mountain. The view on Google Earth is all green, much warmer feeling than the snow covered flight your video takes its viewer on.

Thanks for sharing your part of the world. It’s not that much different than the west central part of Virginia where I live overlooking the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east.
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Nice work Alex. Are those old ski lift supports? Perfect music and great hyper lapse at the end.
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