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Mini 4 Lumsdale Waterfall

Nice video! Practice makes perfect!
Beautiful! Do you recall what shutter speed you used? Did you have a ND filter installed? Thanks!
Hi, and thanks. I used a ND16 filter, I can't remember the shutter speed but I played about with it. You don't see the half dozen failures. I did darken this video in Premier Pro a little bit though. Cheers
Cool waterfall. Curious about the building beside it too. I always feel nervous when I see small branches and twigs in the video . Probably because I’ve been caught by them.
Thanks. This flight was literally straight up and to the right. When I got it back the drone was wet a little. But it's Ok after a wipe down. There were a lot of Joseph Arkwright mills around the area during the industrial revolution. Cheers.
Very nice! Good thumb work on the sticks - seemed a bit tight in spots.
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