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Mavic Air 1 IMU calibration failure IMU 2 error -13


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Jul 10, 2019
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I have had my MA for just on 12 months - it has flown only four times.
We are traveling and I flew the MA for the first time yesterday without any issue... shot some pix and took some video - all good.

When I went to fly today, the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone screen showed that the IMU and compass needed calibrating.
i successfully re-calibrated the compass, but am unable to recalibrate the IMU.
An error message IMU2 error -1 comes up on the screen after what seems an eternity to attempt IMU calibration - it does not get beyond first step... until the error message comes up...

I am very much hoping that it is a software issue... I have updated the Tx software and I believe this has been transmitted to the MA...
If I need to connect the MA to my laptop to update the drone - kindly advise.

I am very much disappointed in this MA... it has amazing video and stills quality.. but if I cannot fly it - it has been a total waste of my money... as previously stated, I have flown it just four times...

All replies greatly appreciated.