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MAVIC AIR 1 vs SPARK - Question 1: Charging the batteries

Der olle Hansen

New Member
Oct 18, 2021
Luebeck, Germany
Hello everyone,
I got myself a used MAVIC AIR 1 (Fly-more Combo) for a sensational price. (The last "beautiful" DJI drone that doesn't come in this ugly gray like all the first desktop computers used to look like).
So far I am satisfied with the drone itself. ☺️
Before that I had the small SPARK, which is quite a difference in flight behavior, flight time and the possibilities.
Now I've noticed two things that I think are a step backwards 😢 compared to SPARK.
I started two threads that all begin with the same introduction (but different title) so that the answers don't get mixed up,

MAVIC AIR 1 vs SPARK - Question 1: Charging the batteries

It is not possible to charge the batteries with a power bank. So I can't recharge when I'm away from civilization for a long time. (e.g. via a solar panel on Kayak tours, mountain hikes.)
I bought the charger on the attaches foto on AliExpress. It's not as sleek as the original, but within a good hour I can charge everything at the same time.
That at least gives me the ability to quickly recharge whenever I have the opportunity. But you also have to plan this opportunity and the time:
- I have to take a break in a restaurant,
- I have to ask for help when shopping in a supermarket,
- I have to spend the night at a campsite, ...
I don't appreciate this dependence on others very much.

The small power bank adapter was included - so you would have a suitable plug for the battery.
Could the electronics be modified so that it can be used as a charger using a power bank?

Or could you modify the car charger somehow?

Or is the only way out: to buy as many batteries as possible while they are still available?


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The simplest would be to acquire a portable power bank of a suitable capacity which have a AC power outlet... then you can use your ordinary charger.

These kind of power banks...
Oh ... this is not s power bank , this is a power plant! ;) Rogowiec,_Elektrownia_Bełchatów_-_fotopolska.eu_(262556).jpg

I know that such devices exist, but for kayaking and especially for hiking, the dimensions and above all the weight make it absolutely not an option.
More than than in the pictures below and a power bank in the size of a cell phone is simply not possible:

solarflex-k200.jpg solarkajak200.jpg

Both examples above work, sometimes on the go (due to constantly changing angle to the sun), definitely morning and evening at camp, where optimal alignment is possible.

Just taking a Mavic Air with accessories (heavy batteries, heavy charger, additional packing volume) is completely unreasonable - but why not be a little unreasonable? 🙃
I know that such devices exist, but for kayaking and especially for hiking, the dimensions and above all the weight make it absolutely not an option.
There are much more compact PBs with 110AC. I have one of these, about the size of a typical sliced-bread sandwich:

Omnicharge 20+

It ain't cheap as power banks go. But for my needs, the investment has been worth it, despite the painful price ($250). It's capable of the following:


USB-C is PD, unit charges through the C port @45W.

Can also charge from a solar panel through the DC port.
Thank you for the link to this product!
Of course, the option of recharging with a solar panel is ideal!

As for the price ... it gets even worse for me as I need the 220V version: €299 ($326)

I also found a weight indication: 611g (my tent weighs 915g)

The alternative would be to buy more batteries:
  • for €300 I get 3 more batteries (each 140 g),
  • 611 g corresponds to 4 batteries - which are empty after use
I can recharge omnicharge on the go using the solar panel.

I bought an alternative charger that charges 4 MA1 batteries plus 2 USB ports at the same time, i.e. 4 charged batteries + controller + smartphone after one restaurant/pub visit... It only depends on the distance between the restaurants / pubs.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't ...
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