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Mavic Air 2 won’t connect to RC and lights won’t go on


New Member
Sep 12, 2021
Hey Guys,
I got the Mavic Air 2 back in April and used it for like 50 hours since then. I Never experienced any Problems with it. A few months ago I’ve had a minor crash but there were no visible hardware damages and I could still fly it after without having any problems. Yesterday I had a normal flying session for like half an hour without any problems, no rough landings or similar things. Today as I wanted go out and fly it it wouldn’t connect to the RC. I tried what the support sites told me to but couldn’t start a new connection since the Drone wouldn’t start peeping after holding the start button for 4 seconds as stated. Also I noticed that the Drones lights won’t go on like they normally do after starting it. The sound of the drone starting remains the same though.
I hope someone knows what to do in this situation.