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Mavic Air IMU broken


Aug 6, 2018
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Hi all,
I am very fustrated with my dron. After a fall from my hands (1 m) the IMU is broken.
I have tried upgrade firmware, factory reset from assistand 2 but nothing same error.
Not connection between one of two acelerometers and controller.

I sent a mail to dji to request insurance and I am waiting still any response after 1 day.

Was something stupid, I flew the dron in my room and was a bad idea, i tried catch the dron with the hand fall from 1 m to hard ground.

hasn't nothing broken from outside, is very frustanting see the dron in perfect state from outside and have that send to repair...I believed that support more hits...

Do you have any idea how many time I will be without my dron?

I live in Spain,the dron should go to Holland (with luck if not to China) and return me other...

Regards and don't fly in home ;-)