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Mavic Pro - Crazzy Camera!


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May 23, 2018
Hi everybody! Does anyone know what can be the cause of the camera behaving in this way? The first time I ran in panic thinking that the drone was in free fall without control towards the ground. The reality is that the drone was flying normally but with that defect in the camera. It does not always happen. Thank you for the comments
Known issue, most of the time the video will stop rec.
No known fix!
I've had a very similar experience once. The camera didn't go upside down, but it did tilt on a 45 degree angle one way then the other. And after a few seconds it just corrected itself and seemed fine. Weird.
I have the Mpp. Also happens to me sometimes.

When I fly with ND filters on I don't get it at all, without ND filters I get it every now and then.
On mine it looks like the gimbal gets into a death wobble and then starts to re calibrate itself by doing the startup sequence. I believe with the filter on there adds a bit of weight keeping the gimbal from starting vibrating?? Just my guess.
Gimble reset.. If recording in 4k, you'll get this at about the 9 minute mark. It is a limitation of video. When the file system hits it's max file size, the gimble will do this (not the card being full but the file size of the video). I've had this happen and it scared the crud out of me thinking it was out of was just the gimble. If you do videos in shorter segments, it should hopefully go away...If you are up for it, can also experiment to let the video roll and see what happens.
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