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Mavic Pro Flying 9.5 MPH Max...


Dec 1, 2016
So I've had this problem since I've had my drone. I get no more than 9.5MPH when flying with obstacle avoidance on. Approx 22MPH with it off and approx 40MPH in Sport mode. I've been through all the settings. Checked the integrity of and cleaned my sensors. This happens in all light conditions. Not sure what else I can do. It also climbs during RTH above my RTH altitude so I suspect that it's something with my sensors. Please help!
did you remove all the little clear plastic protection stickers from all the sensors? Have to ask, it has been missed before. I didnt even know they were there for a week, then I noticed the little pull tab sticking out.
Yeah. I double triple checked, no tape. It's been like this since I've had it. Bought it new about a year ago.
Yes, I've kept the firmware up to date with no changes to the speed. I will upgrade to the latest firmware and fly in all modes when u have a chance and upload the data.

Also, when I turn off obstacle avoidance the speed increases immediately. Then when I turn it back on it reduces back to 9.5. My on-screen obstacle radar seems to be working properly, showing obstacles as I approach them and obstacle avoidance also seems to be working properly. When I fly out in the open, the radar is not showing anything. So it's not like the drone is thinking there's something out there or anything.
DJI Flight Log Viewer -

Here's my flight from earlier today. I didn't go into Sport mode, but I did turn the obstacle avoidance off for a short while as I was flying around testing the speed. I turned off obstacle avoidance around

10m40s and the speed goes up. As you can see the speed is constantly around 9.5, into the wind and with the wind whogh obstacle avoidance on.

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