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MAVIC PRO repair gimbal ribbon cable, gimbal board bands.


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Aug 14, 2018
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Hello all, first time posting so we will see.

I took a couple of photos of an accident that I had last September. Since then I have researched a little, bought the pieces that I believe I need to replace as well as a tool set.

However, have not started anything because I would like you all to take a look and I know this is a BIG learning curve.

It was a tiny crash.2-3 feet above the ground but I suppose it landed face down.

The results are that the bands are way too loose. One actually came out ( I put it back in without opening the device)

The gimbal board was outside the main metal support but I managed to reposition it. However there is a cable to the left of the gimbal that seems cut off. It’s the gimbal ribbon cable.

I included photos of the new pieces that I bought. May have to send it out but want to hear your opinions first.

1st, is the gimbal ribbon cable cut and second have any of you ever repaired anything similar?

Please take a look at the photos. The yellow and black circles are of the gimbal ribbon cable (I think) the yellow arrow C3542033-9300-4E2C-8503-6B262E405D30.jpeg 39BA1D9A-7DEE-40B0-ADF7-8D1D4544BA1C.jpeg shows the gimbal frame positioned correctly and the green circles are of really loose bands

Thanks for your help.