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Mavic Pro splashed + bag of rice = recovery!


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Aug 5, 2017
last sunday i was flying over a lake near atlanta - just short hops out & up capturing clouds & sunset. on the 3rd trip out i flew out about 50 yards, started to go up & the MP went nuts & shot back toward me FAST at about a 30 degree downward angle & splashed down about 6 feet from shore and 20 yards to my left. would have been cool video if i had been recording. i plunged in, grabbed it out of about 3 feet of water, pulled the battery and started shaking water out. it was under water for less than 30 seconds.

i put it in a bag of rice for a week & just made a test flight. powers up, gimbal works, camera works - seems 100%.

i see so much bad news re: water events, i thought i'd post some good news for a change.

couldn't be happier.
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yes, fresh water. i expected the worst - but was happily surprised. still have a few grains of rice banging around inside i need to shake out, but other than that -- yes, lucky.
Note that there is a VERY GOOD possibility that corrosion damage will occur over time. It is impossible for rice to get the moisture completely out. In my experience with wet electronics, the problems could take several weeks to show up. Fly with caution for awhile!
still have a few grains of rice banging around inside i need to shake out

You might try to get those grains out, they could get caught in your fan. Try to shake them out through the middle frame outlet vents at the back of the body. They wont come out through the front because the fan grill holes are too small.
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