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Mavic Pro Video Transmission lost - no matter what.


Aug 5, 2018
Hello, community! I'm super happy for having a chance to be here community part. But I would love to be here as a friend of yours who shares what is beautiful in this world, landscapes, inspiring videos.

But now, from the DAY 1, I have faced one critical error that gives me harsh and that is when your video on your phone that you see - crashes and you are left without eyes.

And it's been a while, like two months already. But I have not had much time to fly around after buying it. I bought it in Lithuania and been preparing for my trip to the USA. Now - I'm the USA trying to capture beautiful shots but I'm all the time facing the problem:


The video that's transmission from drone to my phone always lags and doesn't show a normal view. When it sometimes show normally there I'm still facing ping/lag. Distance doesn't matter for this problem: sometimes I'm 300ft away and it's starts doing no normal image/video to drone and sometimes when I'm like 5ft from the drone.

The drone and controller firmware is up to the latest.

Now I had found one particular problem:

When I tried to fly the drone without SD card inserted - the drone flew like I've have not seen before. No lag, no delay. Distance doesn't matter. I flew for 5 minutes. Then I inserted SD card to the drone (drone was already working/controller/phone with the app also was working) - there were no problems, everything was working perfectly. I used the original 16GB card that comes with a drone.

Today (on August 5th) I tried the old way (I thought it was something to do with my Samsung SD card. I started flying and everything was bad like always - to normal video, lag and all that. Then I turned off everything, took out the SD card from the drone - booted everything (phone/app controller drone) flew for a second without the SD card - everything is OK, working perfectly. I inserted the SD card. Started to flying and everything was OK, but! after 4 minutes of filming and flying everything went bad like always. No footage, transfer video is bad.

Can anyone help me out? Thank you in advance, friends. What shall I do? I tried with the original SD card and Samsung Evo 64GB card that I used from the first time I bought the drone.
if you are using an android device, go back a version of DJI go4.
hi ac0j! ☀️ Thanks for quick response. I've just thought about that, reading other threads, I'm downloading 4.16 version. Will try tomorrow to do a flight. My my. Seeing specifications of up to 7KM of beautiful flie, I haven't had a smooth fly once. Hope this helps and should emu and all other calibration should be done just to be sure?
I would also purchase another SD card; one capable of fast recording. It wouldn't hurt to format your other card. Are you on NTSE or PAL? -Don't know if this would matter, but in Europe, everything's PAL at 50MHz. Here in the States, we're 60 MHz.

-Just a thought.
I have another SD card - Samsung evo+ 64gb microsdxc. It's capable of fast recording. Thanks for the suggestion of PAL or NTSC. Will check it today.

Can anyone tell me, I read people want to downgrade to the first FW their drones knowing that their OK with the latest FW, so what's the case, wanting to go back when everything is going fine? Do you get more distance or something like that? Is it hard to go back to the best FW?
It's my understanding that the older versions will allow you to bust altitude restrictions. The newer version will not arbitrarily allow you to fly higher than 400 feet, nor enter a restricted area (-No Fly Zone). In the case of the drone flyer that I talked with, he is a farmer and uses his drone footage for surveying activities. He's out in the middle of nowhere, but must fly at 1000' to accomplish the task that he bought the drone for. Is he breaking the law? -Yes. Would he normally get caught? No. He's over his own farm land, and at an altitude that would not present problems to the aviation community. -Problem is, the new software made the drone the "enforcement cop" and will not allow him to fly unless he backdates. Can he apply for waivers with the FAA? Yes, but the process is long and cumbersome, and the waiver would usually apply for only one instance. His activity would be ongoing.

There are still chinks in the regulations that must ne ironed out.
DJI app downgrade did not help.

And the problem persists no matter if the SD card is removed or in. What other steps should I take first to do? Thank you.
if your on android just use dji go 4-- 4.2.15 and you will most likely have a great viewing experience
If you bought the MP less than 6 months, I would ship it back to DJI for warranty repair/exchange
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