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Mavic vs Mavic 2

Holy crap, half this forum is now talking about the MP2 already. Yeah there are plenty of first thoughts by plenty of folks!
Just gotta decide if the new features are worth $700 more. To some it is, others it’s not. Both great options.
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If you're happy with the mavic 1 and its camera then the 2 isnt worth it.
If like a lot of us you find the M1 camera utterly unacceptable then it probably is.
As I’ve gotten more into photography and videography, I certainly see the benefits of the MP2’s 1” sensor, but I think I will wait 6 months or so to see if they get all the bugs worked out. Right now my MP1 has proven to be quite reliable.
Not only is the 2 Pro sensor 20 MPixels, it's also 4 x the area of the Mavic Pro's sensor so each pixel cell is larger and providing a better quality capture, much like top end DSLR cameras have a full size sensor, even if they're only 20 Mp.

In addition, the 20 Mp sensor means the Pro has lossless zoom, as it's shooting video in 5.5K and down-sampling to 4K output, or, in HQ mode, just shoots in 4K by cropping the sensor. So it literally has a zoom and wideangle that you can switch in mid flight.

I tried to be subjectiove in my review below; it's a great piece of kit but currently lacking some pretty basic functions that many people use; some presumably being devloped for a future firware update, others never to be seen again. But the huge improvement in the sensor may be enough for some to justify the upgrade.

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All I can say is I bought the Mavic 2 Pro for the camera.

As a bonus it came with a better drone.
Pictures in low light are much better with the Hasselblad
Maybe this video can dispel your doubt
Pictures in low light are much better with the Hasselblad
Maybe this video can dispel your doubt
That’s kinda incomparable since it’s shooting at twice the iso but yea it is much clearer but then again is it really $800 much clearer since I paid $650 for my Mavic Pro refurb with extra battery from drone nerds.
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