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Mini 2 videos and pictures not writing to SD card


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Nov 4, 2017
I have been flying at least a couple days a week since I bought my mini 2 in June. I have a Sandisk Extreame 128gb (NoteSD card. I've been shooting video and taking photos in max resolution (and photos are in RAW + JPG) without issue for what I can tell. This is until about 3 days ago. I went on a mini vacation and was shooting footage. I usually pull the card out after I'm done for the day dump all the data to my computer, then put my SD card back in the drone.

This time when I went to do this I found 5 videos all about 5 minutes. However, there were none of the photos at all, and most of the videos, some shorter than 5 minutes some larger (anywhere from 40 seconds to 15 minutes). I didn't get any errors when recording the files AND I do see them in the DJI app. So I'm downloading them to my phone to then hook up my phone (Note 20 Ultra) and move them to the computer.

Does anyone have any idea why this is suddenly happening. I don't remember any update in the last few days. And I haven't made any changes to my configuration in a while. Also is there a way to move the files from the drone's cache to the memory card because transferring the way I am currently is slow as molasses.
Was it seated all the way? How full is it? (When you move the files to your computer do you erase the card?) How long since you reformatted the card?
I cut and pasted videos from my SD card into my laptop. Afterwards, the drone didn't record onto the SD card, even though it seemed to recognise it OK, showed how much space was left, didn't say it required reformatting or anything.

Reformatting in the drone fixed it.
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