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Mini 3 Pro multiple errors


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May 16, 2023
I crashed my Mini 3 Pro after it drifted into the side of a building. I assume it was because of bad GPS reception as I only had 5 satellites at the time. Nonetheless, after the crash the live feed stopped working, and the last image on the RC was a bunch of lines. It also threw an Incompatble Gimbal IMU Data error. From reading through forums and google, the suggested problem was a bad camera module, so I ordered a replacement. The camera arrived today and as I powered up the drone after sitting for about a month, a Gimbal Stuck error now appeared and the gimbal does not power up anymore. It still has the same camera issues so I replaced it anyway. After replacing the camera I still have no live feed and nothing happens when I press record. Camera S/N also does not show up. Could the signal cable for the camera and gimbal be bad at this point?

Firmware version: 01.00.0500

Attached below is the errors that pop up in DJI Fly:
By the time you find out what is actually at fault it may turn out that it would have been cheaper to send the drone into DJI to get it fixed......properly.
DIY repairs are all "well and good" for simple things like broken shells and arms but once you get into gimbal repairs/swaps you are in a mine field.
@spicy_beef i am with @Yorkshire_Pud on this one during an impact and fall to earth ,there is generally some internal damage to the electronics ,and without specialist equipment to diagnose that damage then you will end up spending a fortune trying to guess what the damage is
If you are replacing the camera, it will need to be sent to DJI (or an authorized repair center) anyway since only they have the software to pair a new camera to the board. It could be done on older models with some python scripts but that's no longer the case.
What @MavicAir2Marc said.

Last time this was possible was on the Phantom series. I know, 'cause I did it, after a crash landing into a shallow stream, just deep enough to submerge the camera.

Which kept recording, under water, for about a minute before it failed. One of my favorite clips, that I'd have to scrounge to find 😁
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