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Mini 4 Pro: Remaining flight time


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Jun 19, 2024
Whaley Bridge
Hi all

I've just upgraded to the DJI Mini 4 pro. I've only flown it a couple of times and it's amazingly forgiving for a beginner like me. However, I did notice today that the remaining flight time was jumping around all over the place. The remaining battery percentage was stable and going down slowly as you'd expect, but the remaining flight time was increasing and decreasing randomly and quite quickly.

At one point the battery had 75% and the remaining flight time was 8 minutes! It went back up to about 20 as I brought the drone back to me.

Is this something that might be affected by variable wind speed or something? I'm sure it didnt do that on my first few flights.

Many thanks for any advice

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Are you sure it is "remaining flight time" or could it be "time until low battery RTh is initiated" or words to that effect?

The software calculates how much battery is required to get it home & on the ground safely and this obviously varies with distance from the home point and I think height.
I keep meaning to test if any required climb to RTH height is also included in this calculkation but haven't got around to it yet.

I have seen it said that wind IS NOT taken into account, either way you do not want to be returning, on a drained battery, upwind.

Also be aware that there is a variable percentage threshold at which the drone will start descending, this is so that it lands with battery to spare and is obviously height dependant.
This can not be cancelled but it can be overridden, at your peril, for a while.
When this starts you still have horizontal control but that control decreases as the percentage drops.

It is NOT a good idea to cancel or ignore the low battery RTH, especially as a newbie.

Welcome, how's the dam ?
Is this something that might be affected by variable wind speed or something?
All that and more.
That flight time remaining is an estimate the the program makes. IF you don't do a thing and keep the drone at that exact attitude and throttle you should have that much time remaining. BUT That's not possible and among the fact that you will be controlling the drone in a certain manner a different way as you are Flying, The wind will play a great deal into your flight time. Smooth controller movements make for better battery times. As of course less wind does.
That little gauge is not accurate AT ALL and I treat it as such When you start getting Fairly close to your preset Battery limit to RTH ( I would say 5 to 10% of that) Thats the time to start heading home.
NEVER trust the Time remaining and don't fall into the bad habit of using it as a "Gas Gauge"
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

I have noticed a change in flight time when switching between video and images. Shooting video will often use the battery faster than just taking stills because while shooting video it is writing to the SD card continuously.
Thanks for the replies all. That's useful information!

I'll make sure I use the remaining battery power as a guide to returning home rather than the remaining flight time.

@Yorkshire_Pud it's been over four years now and they are still fixing it! The reservoir was drained and is now a swampy field :) (just for those wondering, it was this event back in 2019) Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Evacuation over Toddbrook Reservoir fears
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