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Mini 4 Pro Would Not Come Down

Ground forecast from Airdata at the time of the flight... which was conducted mid day approx 2PM.

View attachment 173113 Good weather for getting ice on the propellers. I almost lost mine flying in overhead fog and 34 degrees. Got an overload warning, barely got it back and the propellers were covered in ice. Luckily I wasn't too far out. He may have add ice on the VPS sensors.
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However I would also blame the drone sellers for not requiring a basic knowledge of regulations before flying a drone for the first time.
Well, that is not a drone seller job. When you are buying a car, the dealer is not asking about your driving license.
One thing this thread has reinforced to me.

Every time I start a flight, I’m going to take off and as well as test sideways, yaw and backwards and forwards motion, I’m always going to make sure that the VPS sensor isn’t blocked and I can descend.
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