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Modifying mavic for dual camera


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Aug 2, 2023
Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me out with a challenge I'm having finding the right (modified) drone.

I own a business in automated analysis of vegetation with computer vision / AI. For a customer, we have to record vegetation in a very swampy area that is inaccessible by foot. We need to fly a drone over the vegetation. We do have some experience with this, but not a lot. We do have someone with an A3 drone licence available.

What we need is a drone that can be navigated with fpv goggles and (obviously) a forward facing camera, while at the same time continuously pictures are taken with a downward facing camera, preferably with a fairly narrow angle of view, like the tele camera of the mavic pro 3. We fly at approximately 1 - 3 meters above ground. Since we're flying over very wet area and through forest, we want to keep the cost and risk of losing a drone as low as possible.

We are thinking about the following solution: a DJI o3 air unit that we mount on a DJI mavic pro 3. Would this work and/or are there any better ways to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance!
You might consider something like the Matrice 30 (or another enterprise level UAS) that has both a FPV camera for flight control and a payload camera for capturing the data you want. I would recommend contacting a DJI Enterprise level distributor and working with them. Your solution will be modestly expensive. Good luck.
I wouldn't do that with a drone that expensive. I would tell you to go to the PYRODRONE website and look at some of the drones they offer- they sell them with Air units installed. In this way you won't lose as much Money if the drone goes swimming. you can get a cinelifter for way less than a Mavic 3
Agree that drone is wrong choice look to the more robust higher payload models like DJI Matrice , Yuneec H series or DJI Inspire.

We make over 60 different multiple camera/accessory mounting systems.
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