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Multi charger

Is there an advantage to using something like this, as compared to the one that comes with the 2S? (the 3 at a time charger)
YES INDEED- The charger shown will charge four batteries at the same time as opposed to the DJI charger that charges one at a time. Plus The storage charge switch will make your batteries last MUCH longer!
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Thanks. I had forgotten that, even though my DJI charger holds three, it only charges one at a time. Thumbswayup

I've been researching the "make your battery last longer", and am having trouble understanding why.
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Sorry I thought the bottom link worked MY BAD! IT is the Hanatora led Air 2s Battery charger ordered from Amazon. Sorry but I cant seem to get the link to work right!
Here's another Hanatora option that I've used for more than a year. It allows you to mount up to four batteries to the device frame, and charge all four batteries from either 120vac or 12vdc at the same time. It's useful for when you have a long day planned without access to household current at 120vac.

Hanatora Air 2 and 2s Parallel Charger - 120vac and 12vdc
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I've been researching the "make your battery last longer", and am having trouble understanding why.
Storing the battery at 50-60% charge is best for the battery.
So having a charger that stops the charging process at that storage level is a good idea.
But of course you can stop charging manually with any charger.
My Hanatora charger also has a discharge function. If I have a fully charged battery and can not fly to get it down to storage level, the chargers's discharge function does that in an hour or two. I do not like the "automatic" discharge function in the batteries.
If you do not fly for a long period (months) it is a good idea to cycle the batteries like this: Charge it fully, discharge it to around 20% and then charge it to storage mode 50-60%. This is recommended done every 3 months to keep the battery healthy.
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