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My first drone video...


Sep 9, 2018
North Carolina foothills in Polk County.
I bought my first drone the end of August and have been really having a blast. I've taken a bunch of photos and video and finally got around and put some of it into a three minute first. Mark's first drone video

For those interested, I live in the North Carolina foothills near the South Carolina state line. Elevation where I live is about 1,000 ft. above sea level. The "mountains" you see in the background range up to about 2,000 plus feet. I can't see them from my "airport" when I'm on the ground so it's nice to get this drone view. The private airstrip is about seven miles from my house. I found out about it when I was doing the "right" thing and contacting all airports within five miles of my place. So he invited me out and I will return often. The grass strip is about 1,600 ft. long.
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Very nice and welcome to the forum Mark . 0ROJYyg.png
Nice video.
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great storytelling for your first video, one element most aerial videos are missing [emoji1360] [emoji327]
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Very nice for a first attempt and you made a nice choice of music too. Who was that song performed by?

Nice little private airstrip as well. Wish it was near me, it looks like a nice place to drop in to when I'm out flying myself around.
Thanks for your comments. The music, "Blackbird," is an old Beatles tune. Here it was performed by Joan Baez and David Crosby. I hadn't planned on using that piece of music (or any piece for that matter), but my wife was playing a CD from Joan Baez's 75th birthday concert and that track just seemed to fit - especially since a bird few by in one of my scenes.

I live in the North Carolina foothills on ten acres so I have some great flying spaces here (especially to learn) but that airstrip is about 7 miles (by car) away and the owner invited me to come over anytime. It's fantastic. Plenty of room at least lengthwise to try out some things. I never knew about this private strip but it came up in the "airports within 5 miles" notice so to be "nice," I contacted the "Air Traffic Controller." That was a great connection. This guy just sold his private plane but plans on getting another. He does fly RC planes (big ones) and has a two-person company based at his hanger that makes and sells landing gears for RC planes. Interesting story.
Oh, I know the song well, I've sung it hundreds of times, I just wondered who performed it. Thanks for letting me know. Another favourite old Beatles number of mine is Rocky Racoon.
Nice video for the first time, cool to see your first steps too. Did you use any filter for the camera? I'm in doubt to get ND filters for my Air.
Nice video for the first time, cool to see your first steps too. Did you use any filter for the camera? I'm in doubt to get ND filters for my Air.
Thanks. It's just enough for me to fly right now, so photography and videography is secondary. However, I've been a photographer and videographer on the ground for years (not professionally) so will eventually start concentrating on that. No filters at this point though I did install a UV filter just for lens protection. It does help cut down on haze.
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Very nice, love seeing what is around the corner or over the hill.
If you are comfortable you might add your location to your profile, just a thought.
Good point. I'll see if I can go back and edit my original post...but just in case that doesn't work, I live in the North Carolina foothills. So we're at at elevation of 1,000 feet and the mountains start from there. The "hills" you might have noticed in the first set of video are in the 2,000 ft elevation. The air strip I was privileged to use is a private 1,600 ft grass strip about 7 miles away. I'm going back there next week just to practice some of the quick shots on the Mavic Air.
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