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Mini 4 My first waypoints flight with Mini 4 Pro

It is fun and it results in a much better quality video...still stuff to learn...I programmed it to take a picture at one of the way points, but it looks like it stopped recording video when it took the picture...I modified the flight to eliminate take a picture, and redid the flight today but it did something strange that I can't figure out....seems like the drone sped up and the gimbal pointed up...I have to go through the settings to see if I changed something else without realizing it
Keep working with it. It gets easier. You get used to it, but there will be anomalies. Have you tried laying out a route from home yet? That is a challenge. Word to the wise - make sure you have turned on obstacle avoidance before you fly it.
OA was one of the reasons that I got the 4 the 2 was giving me heart palpitations ...I did do the routes at home ...once @JGA site pointed out the satellite map it made it easy for me to do it
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