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Need some firmware advice

mad monkey

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Jun 24, 2018
St. Thomas Ontario
I have done a bunch of searches to no avail.

i recently purchased a damaged mavic pro, (i know not ideal but it was half the cost of new)
i have done my part to replace battery (had 16 blinks of death)
cleaned up the drone and looked for obvious damages, found the flex cable was snapped. i have a new one arriving tuesday.
it looks to have taken a good bump in the front middle, I'm hoping flex is all i need and not a new gimbal.

i have gotten some forward vision calibration errors, I'm not yet sure if thats due to damage or just needs updating.

my biggest thing I'm trying to accomplish while i wait for my flex to arrive is that i want to update the firmware and have it ready to go. but it keeps crashing using assistant application, usually around 79%.

am i correct to assume that because of the broken flex cable it cannot complete the firmware because of gimbal malfunction?? or is there more to this story.

Thank you, sorry for rambling post.
well great, now I've gotta figure out why the firmware will not update, full battery, cable connected to laptop, downloads fine, transmits, then when updating fails..

do i need to have the controller on and plugged in too?
there was a few firmware updates available, do i need to stage them, or can i jump to latest only.

Thunderdrone, you appear to be a very knowledgable person. any suggestions for this firmware problem? gives me an unknown error each time. tried more than a few times already.
Have you tried it on a different computer? That seems to work for some people.
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went down to the old windows pc downstairs and installed assistant 2,

tried to update to the V01.04.0300 firmware, no good, reset to defaults. trying the V01.040200 now... well see how this goes
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