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Need to calculate camera values


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Feb 27, 2018
Anyone know what values I would need to supply in here for the mavic air?

What are you trying to calculate exactly? The MA has a field of view of 85 degrees and a 4.3mm lens (24mm in 35mm equivalent terms).

It has a 12MP 1/2.3" sensor which measures ~6.17mm X ~4.55mm
Thanks, just need the focal length (not in 35mm equivalent) now
Yes, it does, assuming you want the information for a still image. There is probably a small amount of rounding error in there but it is extremely close. DJI publishes the field of view for all their drones on their website, you don't need to calculate it :)
The values on the top portion are required for an app called ardupilot mission planner. Why it can't just work with FOV I don't know...
Strange the EXIF from my photos show a focal length of 4.5mm

Where did you get the crop factor from? Originally you said it was 5.6 not 5.3.
Where did you get the crop factor from? Originally you said it was 5.6 not 5.3.

The lens is 4.3mm, I think the EXIF is rounding you up to 4.5mm - I just used your numbers in the calculation for example sake.

The crop factor is a known entity because a 1/2.3" sensor is a known proportion of a full 35mm sensor. The crop factor is 5.62, but things can vary slightly because we don't know what rounding DJI has done. DJI says the Mavic Air has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 24mm, which means the actual focal length is 4.27mm, give or take with rounding. 4.27mm X 5.62 = 24mm.

The reason DJI can put such a small lens / camera unit on the Air is because it uses such a tiny image sensor. It's the same size sensor as are in a lot of high end smartphones like some variants of the Samsung Galaxy S phones, Google phones, or smaller point & shoot cameras.

A 1" sensor, like the one on the Phantom 4 Pro, has a crop factor of 2.7x for comparison. DJI says that drone has a 24mm equivalent focal length, so that lens has a focal length of 8.89mm give or take.

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