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Ed H

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Nov 22, 2019
New Jersey
I am going to buy either the mavic 3 or the air 3 I am leaning towards the air 3 But its not compatible with the goggles 2 and I love flying my avata and wanted to try it with another drone. Do you think there will be a update so I can do this with the air 3 ?
@Ed H right now i and probably every other member of this forum ,are not really in a position, to either say yes or no to your question
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I can answer that question having both the Avata and the Mavic 3 Pro. If you love your Avata and you enjoy flying it, you will not find any similar joy with flying the Mavic 3 Pro with Goggles in FPV mode. If you need more FPV joy and you don't want to wait until next spring, there are really inexpensive DJI FPV kits that can take your Avata FPV flying to the next level. At this point, you should prefer the Air 3 and wait for the future compatibility with the new FPV equipment. My opinion is there is no real FPV flying with Mavic3/Air3.
None of the current Goggles (any version) will ever be compatible with the Air3, due to the fact that they don't have O4 compatibility. Which is unfortunate, as mentioned above, The Mavic 3 IS compatible for FPV with the Goggles 2 but it is a large aircraft for FPV fun. The size of the Air 3 even though it's not a whole lot smaller than the Mavic 3, is still smaller and would be a better choice for FPV in my opinion.
Dji will have to release a Goggles 3 with O4 compatibility which will work with the Air 3 and upcoming Mini 4 Pro and future releases. Which they will in time.
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