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New to Tallahassee

I am living in Tally for the last 2 years.
I found a new park south of Lake Jackson called Okeeheepkee prairie Park.
Be careful of the small state park north of it called Indian Mounds. I was
flying a Litchi waypoint mission about a year ago with my Phantom 3 and I got a mission ended landing message .I guess I was too close to the park.
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The only zones I see in Tally are for the airport. The P3 wouldn't land because of a state park though it might incidentally because of zones for other reasons that the park happens to be under.
I couldn't find the park in the geozone map but I did find the lake, which is huge! Part of the lake on the west side is in an altitude zone because of the airport.
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Long time resident of Tallahassee, not new to drones but am new to Mavic Air 2. Could use some instruction, and happy to provide lunches and beer in return.
I can help you with. No beers or lunch necessary. Send me a PM to coordinate a class for you.
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