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Nice job on the site.

[QUOTE="Goof, post: 554631, member: maybe a browser - specific problem?[/QUOTE]

Yep, It certainly could be the mobile browser, Safari. I will test again with Firefox on both the mobile and my confusers.

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Nope, looks and acts the same in mobile Firefox..will check the PC’s in a bit. No more page nav at the top and only “X of X page” and the “Next” button at the bottom. Unless my old eyes are just missing the new version which is highly likely. :)
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Whaddaya know, it IS "browser-related" as the page access in FF on Windoze is just like the mobile used to be but switching browsers on the mobile had no effect with this feature..

NBD and the site definitely looks better and especially so on mobiles which it would appear is where the work was directed...thanks.
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I remember when Clacky first created the TelloPilots Forum Using this format. I thought it was cool and updated at the time, but more geared to the younger generation.
Perhaps for ease of use maybe? Hopefully it will be tweeked over time. I also hope for better emojis in the list.:cool:
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