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Panicked a little...


Mar 6, 2018
I had an interesting flight this evening at a local park. I built the mission in the Litchi mission hub a couple of days ago. I wanted to check for firmware updates via the DJI app first because I hadn't flown in a couple of days and I have been using Litchi exclusively for the past couple of weeks with absolutely no problems. Neither app would connect right away like the usually do. After a compass calibration all was good and I got Litchi connected. I switched to waypoint mode and loaded the mission and started it. I got a signal loss warning for a few seconds but the aircraft continued its mission flawlessly around the park and returned to the first waypoint. I went to take some still shots of the sunset and began to get some lag on the video feed. The low battery warning went off and I held the RTH button on the remote and nothing happened. The i hit the RTH button in the app. Again, nothing. I then got a message that the RTH had failed. The aircraft is nearly directly over me at about 150 ft altitude when I realize I have lost control completely. I flipped the mode switch to Sport and back again a couple of times to no avail. Battery is about 13% at this point. I panicked a little, realizing that my battery is getting critical and I have no control. It seemed like an eternity but finally the feed smoothed out and I was able to regain control and land manually. Obviously, I had some signal/data loss. Just wondering if I could have done something different to regain control quicker. Check out the flight data in the link below.

Jul 1st, 2018 08:07PM | General / Overview | Drone Flight Log from Litchi app, version 4.7-g on Android | Total Mileage: 2,860 ft | United States | Airdata UAV
Did you stop the Litchie mission before hitting RTH, also did you try hitting the pause button on the controller ?
What was the temperature outside while flying? Your battery was reading 141F which is really hot!
Directly above you is where signal is weakest (assuming "normal" positioning), you could try pointing the front of the antennas up towards the drone.
Did you stop the Litchie mission before hitting RTH, also did you try hitting the pause button on the controller ?
The mission was already finished but I did not try the pause button. I will keep that in mind for next time. Thanks
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