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Phone shutdown


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Nov 20, 2017
Durham, North Carolina USA
Had a different thing happen tonight. I was flying M2P with Samsung S7. Shooting video with monitor set to 1080p. A few minutes in, phone went completly black. At first I thought the App crashed, but I was finally able to restart it. (Phone) and a message popped up sayinng mobile device was overpowered and image setting was being changed to 'normal'.
I had already executed RTH and when phone came back up I cancelled it and landed it manually. (As usual)
I have only logged 10 flights on this bird so far and always had the image set to 1080p. What was different this time was I shot video. On the other 9 flights all stills.
The phone got very hot also.
So, the phone was overloaded. Come on DJI...... enable the CrystalSky.
This is a flashback to when I had an Inspire 1 that I had flown for over a year with an Ipad Mini 2 with no problems. Then after a FW update suddenly the Ipad Mini was obsoter with 2-4 second latency and endless messages of overloaded CPU........
Anyone else had this occur???
I had similar trouble with my HTC 10. Recording with cache video going to SD card on phone. Using default downlink resolution. I assume that's 720p?
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