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Please help me understand the problem with my Mavic Air


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Jul 7, 2018
I am a new owner of a Mavic Air. I am new to flying DJI, but have been flying RC helis for a long time.Please help me understand the problem with the videos I am capturing. I cant seem to get a flat horizon!

It seems like there is a serious problem with how the horizon is captured in my mavic air videos! I went through gimball calibration a couple of times to make sure calibration is not the issue.
A gimball calibration issue can cause the video footage to be slanted on one side and I get that. But the issue is that the horizon appears to be curved on both right and left side of the frame!

Please watch the video from 20 second mark and onwards to see what I am referring to. Please ignore the first 20 seconds, thats just tree line and not true distant horizon.
Here is the link:

As above! Plus, although I’m a photo novice, isn’t it also a result of the fairly wide-angled lens on the MA?
This problem seemed to go away after a FW update a while back. Update your DJI GO app to the current version. Sometimes you have to delete it first. Take the time to verify that it is on the latest version then update the drone to the latest version. If you have more than one battery, you have to swap and reboot with each battery to update each battery. Yes, the batteries have FW too. You don't want to get out to the flying site and get FW update warnings.

Then, redo the gimbal cal if its still off.

I've been flying RC forever and the DJI products have their own little quirks but once you get used to the personality of DJI products you will like them very much.
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