Problem with horizontal bands in pictures?! Help!

Discussion in 'Photos and Videos' started by asitton, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I'm about 10 flights in with over an hour of flight time under my belt, and still trying to figure out what the best settings are for picture and video. But while the video seems to look pretty good when transferred to my computer, the pictures come up with about two or three horizontal bands in the picture as you can see below. I'm not sure if this is a camera problem or a transfer problem because if I just view them through the dji app they seem perfectly fine. It is only when I download off the SD card that I see the bands when viewing with either PhotoShop or Lightroom. Does anyone know what is going on and if it may just be a defective camera? Thanks. Here is one of the pictures I'm talking about.

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    It's not a problem with the camera so don't worry. This was a common problem with the Phantoms. Did you shoot in Raw? Some Raw converters prevent this from happening but DJI do not seem to have prevented it happening occasionally. Trust me it's a software issue not hardware. Google this and there is masses of advice on preventing it.

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    This DJI app is a converter? If so then it's likely due to compression of the file if the file has to be put through a DJI converter.
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