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    I bought these from Amazon. The same ones seem to be available from multiple vendors. They installed quickly and really do a nice job against walls and other such in-home obstacles. I recommend them. The Mavic is a bit clunkier with them on but overall flies great. I recommend turning off forward sensors not because the guards interfere with them, but because you can get sudden movements that aren't fun to experience even with prop guards on! Haha.

    But note that small objects (like posts less than 11 inches in width) can fit between the prop guards and then impact the props. You could run a string or strong tape across that opening to prevent that if you wanted but it probably would be in the camera field of view and would definitely interfere with the forward facing sensors.

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    Hi I am a newbie and waiting for my Mavic-I got the prop guards for use outside to be on the safe side until I become more skilled. I have no intention of flying inside..... yet..... are the guards clunky in appearance or clunky in-flight, causing shakiness or something

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    Fugly and a bit useless imho . Go fly outdoors mate

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    Personally I am glad this was posted because I have never seen a Mavic with guards before. I'm sure there's use for them somewhere. "Go [do this] instead" is a bit cringe, mate.
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