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[Q] Drone and controller do not connect.


Mar 6, 2018
I haven't flown my drone (MPP) for 3 years. The drone, the remote controller, and its 3 batteries have kept in storage in a fitted TOM case at room temperature the whole time. I charged my 3 batteries and the remote controller overnight to full charge. This morning I uninstalled the DJI Fly app I had obtained from Google's play store and installed the app from DJI (via the APK files).

With a fully-charged battery and remote controller, I then turned on the drone. Once the drone had completed its initializations, I then turned on the remote controller (having already connected my phone (Galaxy 21). However, the controller and the drone never connected.

What do I do now? Would welcome any and all suggestions.

First you should try linking your controller and drone again, so they recognize each other. Try searching on youtube for instructions, it's easy.
And you are sure the RC and the drone did not connect? Even if nothing happens on the phone, the drone may still be connected to the RC. Try starting the drone with the sticks. If that works, the error is with the connection to the phone.
I haven't flown my drone (MPP) for...I uninstalled the DJI Fly app...and installed the app from DJI

...the controller and the drone never connected.
If you really mean "the DJI Fly app" & not just the app you used to fly with... that's the wrong app for a Mavic Pro Platinum.

You should use the DJI GO4 app... go here & get it --> DJI GO 4 - Download Center - DJI
Curious on how app prevent linking,can pair without app or device not that that's the way to fly or am I wrong on that
I read that from another post
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