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Quick Question DronePan App


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Jul 6, 2018
I have used the Drone Pan app a twice now (IOS version) and the software has the Mavic take the Pano pictures just fine, but right after the photos are done, my RC is then in "JoyStick" mode which leaves my RC unresponsive and the only thing I can do is hit the RTH button and land and restart the Mavic to restore the RC functionality. Is this normal? Is there a way to get the RC out of Joystick mode while it is in the air?
Switch over to the Go4 app, and switch modes back to mode 2 maybe? does Sports mode not force it off as well?
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I've not tried the app, so these are just suggestions, but sports mode is my 'go too' get out of trouble button, and usually works
OK, here is what my results are. Trying to switch back to Mode 2 using the Go 4 app doesn't work. Just switching to Sport mode (and back) doesn't work either--But, killing off the Drone Pan app FIRST and then switching to Sport mode does restore RC functionality! So your suggestion Charlas does provide a fix when used this way. Thank you. Also, what I also didn't mentioned originally is that in addition to the RC going going into "joystick" mode the video feed stops and goes completely dark. The video feed is also restored with the fix.

For me, this lockup with this particular app happens with both my Iphone (6) and my IpadMini (A7).
Strange, but at least a work around, I'd report the bug to the app developer though.
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