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RE Goggles yaw stability


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Dec 24, 2016
Dammeron Valley, UT 84783
I recently got the RE goggles to match up with my Mavic 2 Pro. Works great however I do have issues with the head tracking modes (both of them for the same reasons): The yaw sensitivity (jitter/micro movements threshold) is way too low. For example, in gimbal mode, with the head completely still, the gimbal/image constantly moves slightly left/right. There is really no way to record a steady video with that mode enabled.
I was hoping that this problem would be less apparent when using "Head Tracking Flight" mode since the yaw signal is used to actually yaw the craft rather than yaw the gimbal. With sensitivity set to lowest (pretty much zero) it "almost" works and one is able to get a steady image when flying straight or hovering. However, when panning left or right, invariably the normally steady yaw movement is jerky (stalls or even reverses for a split second, then resumes. Again, impossible to record a smooth video in this mode while panning over some scenery. If I don't use ANY of the head tracking modes which means the goggle's IMU is not used to control flight or gimbal, I can take absolutely perfect videos in any flight modes. So, I just have to get used to use the darn wheel to control gimbal pitch along with the sticks of course.

I re-calibrated the goggles IMU and everything M2P along with the RC sticks/wheels to no avail. No change to this problem. I sure hope DJI is going to fix this yaw hyper sensitivity. They managed to fix it for gimbal pitch so why should it not be able to work for yaw?

Almost a year ago I purchased the white goggles and used them with my older Mavic Pro 1. I noticed exactly the same hyper sensitivity or "tremor" with the old ones, which I promptly returned because of that.

Have any of you goggle users noticed this problem?
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