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Recommended Drone Tablet for Air2S for Videography, Photography & Minor Commercial (DroneDeploy) Usage for Start-Up

To get started A2S and M1 iPad. Hands down. Save your money for a RTK equipped drone if you intend on doing lots of mapping. Drone Deploy will deplete those funds unless you have the clients to cover the cost already. WebODM will get you started with mapping until you can cover your overhead for Drone Deploy.
So this @shawgod guy has the best Mini on the market and an M1 12.9" iPad with arguably the most beautiful display ever produced on a tablet and he gets grief. Lol. Yes, he misunderstood his nits but his gear crushes anything that the self advertised "budget screen" will ever produce.
OP, there has been some great answers in this thread for sure. My 2 cents is I think the M1 is total over kill for the drone software and so is the Mini 6 A15, but I also use a Mini 6 and an M1 iPad Pro 11" M1. I don't need either of those, but I sure like them. Truth is an iPad Pro 10.5 will easily handle any of the current apps. Neither has ever over heated on me. I also use a Crystal Sky for my Enterprise Drones and have a Tripltek 7" Pro as well for when I have no choice but to use an android app which is unlikely to be able to be installed on the CrystalSky. Those 2 are crazy bright. But they are android. The thing about IOS is that it never fails, ever. Pair an iPad with a pencil and you have a mission planning rockstar. Reliability is so important. Rate the iPad 1 nit or 600, I can always see mine really well. I need to hood them sometimes, but not every time. I like Drone Depoly for most mission planning. I had an Air 2 a couple yers ago that would not work with Drone Deploy. Android also is a problem for Drone Deploy.
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Ummm, I think you got those NITS very wrong. It does not have 2,000 NITS, no where even close it only has 1,000 NITS with a limited time of peak brightness of 1,600 NITS. And at it's very brightest NITS that only lasts until it starts the get hot, then it begins to reduce the NITS as it gets hotter, as do all iPads and iPhones.

This is what your iPad really has as far as NITS are concerned:

The 12.9-inch model, in contrasts, boasts mini LED HDR display called the Liquid Retina XDR display built in with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, full screen brightness of 1,000 nits and a peak brightness of 1,600 nits (HDR).
You are correct it is 1600 nits. I mistyped, I mixed it up with iPhone 14 pro max. I do use the iPad mini6 as well and max out the Nits on this as well, granted it maxes out at 500 nits. I have never had any issues with them over heating at all. And that is having them at max brightness and flying the drones for hours. So your comment about overheating in my opinion is wrong.
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