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Remote controller calibration driving me crazy!


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May 12, 2018
I've been trying to calibrate the sticks on my RC since yesterday when they seemed to behave strangely. I have read through many posts and seen the DJI tutorial and followed the steps. But I keep getting stuck within the first few seconds and then get a time out. Done it tens of times already.

Here's what happens:

1. Centre sticks.
2. Start calibrating by pushing sticks up to the circle at 12 o'clock. It moves right and I push the sticks to follow it. When it stops, I stop and hold the blue ball on top of the circle. There's a word repeat in the instructions so after some time, I go through the same thing from 12 o'clock.
3. Usually when the circle moves to the top right corner, it stays there and won't move on until time out.
4. Sometimes the circle will continue moving and I follow it. But it doesn't seem to want to go beyond 9 o'clock and then I get the time out again and again.

Can anyone offer any suggestion as to what's wrong? I hate having to take it to the shop which is far away.

I found there is a bit of a delay in the movement. Try to just keep a slow steady pace, the dot will likely keep up or move forward.
I did mine for the first time today. Try just doing one stick at a time of you aren’t already. Also I found you need to have the sticks go back to center and then continue following the dot slowly.
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