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That's not too bad, but I would replace in the near future.
If it is a cut or crack that goes all the way through the blade I would be inclined to replace the blade and that means replacing BOTH blades on that motor. They are, I believe weight matched.
If you do not replace it at least check it every time you have the drone in your hand ... just to see whether or not it is growing.
Sharp ends to a cut or crack are stress raisers and the blade is loaded in tension due to its rpm and centripetal force.
What would be the reason for not replacing it? To put off replacing it until it gets worse? To defer spending $5 (Mini 4 Pro) to $7.50 (Mavic 3 Pro) for a few months?

Can you ignore the stress concentration created at the end of that crack? Maybe in normal flight. But what happens if you nick a power line and the damaged prop fails where an undamaged prop would have let you continue flying instead of crashing into whatever it is in the drone's uncontrolled path?

As @Starz said, "Simple math. Cost of aircraft or cost of prop. Your call." But that's not the complete question. Add the potential cost of damage to property and people to the right-hand term.
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