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Replacing the gimbal assembly

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
Reposting this for a new member: @Badmonkey wrote

Hello how is everyone ? I live in the Dayton Ohio area was wondering does anyone know anyone that has actually worked on or replaced the gimbal assembly on a mavic pro recently wrecked mine it doesn't appear that the rubber bands are stretched or broke but the whole camera assembly has broken off and stretch the cable that goes up into the front of the mavic pro I ordered a tool kit off of eBay and soon will order the camera and necessary pieces to fix it but very nervous about attempting to fix it can't really afford to send it to DJI or pay one of these drone shops can anyone please help
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Feb 15, 2017
Hello BadMonkey -- I've done that job twice, and I find it a tedious job to do correctly, and then you are likely to have some new behavior when you restart the MP, and you'll wonder if it's something you didn't get right. You'll find lots of Youtube videos that have everything you need, but you'll have to watch a lot of them to get all the info you'll want with the right camera angles to show you what the author is doing. It's fine-detailed exacting work and easy to mess up.

You're most likely looking at replacing the shock absorbing plate and the gimbal assembly with camera, ribbon cable and multi-strand cable. You'll find that you can order individual parts piecemeal if you know what you need and don't want to buy any more than necessary. The easiest is to buy the complete assembly with a new control board, but that's also the most expensive, and the control board is probably OK in your crashed model. The camera itself probably is OK and reusable, but it costs less than $20, so it's best to get a new one on the new gimbal assembly. There's no soldering involved with replacing the camera/gimbal assembly, but if you tore up the gimbal/camera, I'm surprised you don't have at least one leg to replace as well. That's a physically easier job but it does require some careful soldering.

Having said all that, the guy who started this new thread for you, Thunderdrones, is your best bet for a good repair at a fair price. If you search around on the forums, you'll find that he's well regarded for his work and for his prices. He works by mail, so it doesn't matter where you live. Recommended.

Good luck to you. Been there more than I want to recall. Hope this helps........... Bob R.
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