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Sanibel Island Causeway - sunset - first major crash


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Jul 2, 2017
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Well day two into my vacation I decided to bike to the Sanibel island causeway and attempted to fly my mavic air straight through the concrete pillars, as seen at the 0:24 mark in the video. There must have been a ton of interference, because I lost connection and the air struck the pillar, I ran over to investigate surly thinking the drone was lost in the water, but to my surprise there it was sitting on the concrete footing about a foot away from the ledge, still on but upside down. Well it was about 50 feet away, impossible to swim to since it was low tide and there is no ladder on the concrete. It was also getting dark and I had to leave the drone there overnight. I came back the next day and started asking boaters if they could help get it back, and eventually someone offered to grab it. Only real damage was on the left rear arm, which had snapped. I ordered a new arm and installed it last night and the drone is back in the air. I have to say the mavic air is very tough, besides this crash I hit a tree and fell about15ft onto concrete with no damage whatsoever.

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