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Screen went black


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Aug 11, 2019
Saint Joseph Mo
First time this has happened after 10 months of flying. I have a MM and it was connected to a new iPad mini. All was well for the first 5 min or so then the screen suddenly went Blank. I was flying VLOS and had no problem bringing it back and landing, but this really rattled me having the screen disappear like that. As a side note before i left the house I made sure the cache showed the map function, and at first that was reflected on the screen. That after a min or so went to a green screen as it sometimes will do but knowing I was to fly VLOS I went ahead with the flight and then the blank screen. WHY did this happen??
What was the local temp, sounds like your tablet over heated
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58 deg and I checked the cable at the time, it seemed seated well. I'm back home now and went out back to finish the battery and check it out. All was well. So, I'm not sure what went on.
I've had the app so funky things like that. Granted I'm using a Samsung tablet with an OTG adapter so I can use any USB C cable I want.
Were you shooting video during the blackout? If so, check to see if the video kept recording. I had that happen to me this summer a few times. The video never stopped, indicating that the drone was working fine, it was my phone that blacked out.
I had an intermittent problem with my Samsung S10+ screen graying out, although inputs from the RC continued to work. Once when it was out of sight I just hit the RTH and it came back perfectly, even though it was difficult rural terrain. Eventually when I changed from the supplied short cable to one of my USB phone cables, plugged into the standard USB socket at the bottom of the RC, the problem never repeated. Not guaranteed but probably the supplied short cable is defective. Perhaps you should try that.
Not guaranteed but probably the supplied short cable is defective. Perhaps you should try that.

Would that not just show a lost connection to the RC in the app? I can't think how that would give a blank screen.
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