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SD card storage missing


New Member
Aug 6, 2018
I have just inserted a new 32GB 98mb/s card in the MA. After I formatted it on the device the capacity show
29 GB. There is no videos or photos on this card. Where is the missing storage...
You NEVER get the "advertised" storage for any media - SD card, hard drive, thumb drive, lawnmower gas tank.

Flash media always uses a significant amount of storage for the file structure, housekeeping, spare bits (some cards will mask out defective cells and remap them) and just general overhead. I just put a 200GB card into my Amazon Fire tablet; I think it showed free space as around 185GB right off the bat.

Nothing to worry about; it is what it is.
Plus if you didn’t buy a brand name SD card, and it was pretty inexpensive, you may have a counterfeit card. These are everywhere. I once bought a 32gb card which was labeled 32gb. When I formatted it, it showed as being 32gb but it actually was only a 4gb card. I bought it off of eBay. The problem was that I couldn’t tell it was a counterfeit til I almost filled up this 4gb. When I went into gallery on my phone, rather than a thumbnail of the photo, it would show a black square with a lightning bolt in it.

I had to find a program that would write and read to each sector of the card. I found out that I had another bogus card. The 64gb card I thought was good was actually a 4gb card. Buyer beware I guess.
Problem caused by mixing counting systems. Sales people use 1000 = 1K, computers use 1024 = 1K. Computers always find fewer K or GB on a card because they use binary to count, whereas humans and sales people use decimal.
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