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Setting active track 2.0 while object is already moving.


New Member
Sep 3, 2018
Hello, i own the mavic 2 pro for 3 months now and i love it.
I also like the new active track 2.0 and used it a lot.

But last week when i was trying to set the active track on a water skier, it was almost impossible to do. The skier was moving to fast to fly towards it and set active track at the same time. I also could not lock it when he was laying in the water waiting to depart, because the mavic did not recognize the water skier.

Flying manual i had no problems keeping up with the water skier.
Any tips or tricks for this situation ?

Regards Dave
Be sure you're close enough that it isn't too small on the screen. If object (skier in this case) isn't automatically recognized, draw a box around it.
When i tried to do that. The mavic stopped moving while drawing a box. 3 hands on a human should go better