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"Silent running

360 Guy

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Feb 21, 2021
Has anyone done anymore testing on running different quieter props for the Mini 2?
I've tried Master Air screws and I can say that they were a tad lower in pitch but not what I'm looking for.
"Silent" is just an expression.
There are only 2 props on the market you ever want to put on your DJI Drone- OEM and Master Airscrew and as you said Quieter props only change the tone and are not quieter
Also, the Master Airscrew props are stiffer and more fragile than the DJI OEM props. They tend to shatter, rather than bend, when trimming trees with them, and you might not make it home after such an adventure. Stick with DJI OEM.
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@360 Guy unless you decide to go with a Mini 3 pro or a Mini 4 pro ,then your persuit of silence, for you Mini 2,is not going to happen any time soon
when DJI design props for their different drones there main priorities are for thrust ,power consuption ,and good service life ,not so much on the sound they produce
but then along came Master airscrew,who's whole field of expertise, is in propellor design and developement,and listening to those of us who use drones ,came up with props that are designed to run at a lower pitch ,which is not as annoying to our hearing ,and when fairly close appear to be quieter
DJI realised that with the advent of the Mini 3 pro ,which was meant to be able to fly a lot closer to people ,due to its weight classification,that in order to satisfy us, then they would have to find a way to reduce the annoying wasp like buzz of the earlier Mini drones
i will never forget my amazement, the very first time i flew my Mini 3 pro how much quieter it sounded, hovering a few feet away ,compared to my original Mini
a complete redesign of both the shape of the drones airframe, combined with the new props ,was and still is a real gamechanger
in fact this lack of sound ,can sometimes mean that coming back home into the wind ,means i see the drone approaching long before i hear it
unfortunately no matter what form of propulsion,currently available our drones use, there is always going to be some form of noise generated
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